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Fire Kirin is a popular series of fish-shooting arcade games that have gained much popularity in arcades, casinos, and online gaming platforms. Fire Kirin games offer players an exhilarating experience with stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and the chance to win real money prizes.

In these games, you have to control a powerful weapon to shoot at various types of marine creatures, aiming to catch and accumulate points. With its dynamic gameplay and appealing visuals, Fire Kirin has become a beloved choice for gamers seeking thrilling entertainment and potential rewards. in this guide, I’ll try to cover almost every fish game available to play in this platform.

Exploring Fish Games

Let’s put this debate in further detail to describe fish games available in Fire Kirin.

Baby Octopus

The basic concept of this game is to hunt octopus to earn points. Sometimes it carries small babies also. Precision and practice make you perfect. The more your focus and precision are, the more you earn and win.


Golden Toad

This game presents the unique challenge of catching a toad while shooting through various other water creatures. Focus is everything as you have to wait for the toad to appear and aim for it with precision and focus. You must have to balance your focus between other creatures and toads for better results.

Golden-Toad-Fire Kirin fish

Crab King

This is another underwater thriller where you have to shoot the mighty Crab King surrounded by some aquatic water creatures. This game integrates the thrill of the hunt with the challenge of targeting a specific high-value creature. Strategy and skill are the basic concept that leads to more winning and success.


Eagle Eyes

This game is designed for players who need to test their speed and accuracy along with their skills. Players have to target specific marine creatures to get extra points.

Money Tree

This game is visually appealing and attractive due to tree themes underwater. players have to target fishes and other water creatures swimming around a money tree. Players aimed to harvest as many as possible rewards they can.


Spirit Stallion

In Spirit Stallion, you jump into a magical underwater world. You’re on a mission to capture a special horse that’s hard to find. The game is like a mix of magic and a treasure hunt. The pictures in the game are really pretty and make you feel like you’re underwater.

Magical Ship

Magical Ship is like becoming a pirate for a day. You get on a pirate ship and sail across the ocean. Your job is to find hidden treasures while battling sea monsters. It’s like being in a pirate story, but you get to control what happens.

Ocean Monsters

When you play Ocean Monsters, you’re like a brave explorer diving deep into the ocean. There, you meet big, scary sea creatures. Your challenge is to catch these creatures, but it’s not easy. It’s a bit scary, but also very exciting.

Fish Chopper

Fish Chopper is a fast and fun game. You’re in the water trying to chop up as many fish as you can. It’s like a race against time to see how many fish you can catch. The faster you chop, the more points you get.

Deepsea Volcamon

In Deepsea Volcamon, you explore the deep sea where there are volcanoes. It’s a dangerous place with strange creatures lurking around. Your job is to catch these creatures while avoiding the dangers of the underwater world.

Crocodile Adventure

Crocodile Adventure is all about exploring a swamp filled with crocodiles. You have to be really careful because the crocodiles are very sneaky. Your goal is to catch as many crocodiles as you can without getting caught yourself.


Arc of Templar

Arc of Templar transports you to a world of knights and dragons. It’s like being in a medieval story where you have to capture mythical creatures. The game is full of adventure and mystery.

My Experience with Fire Kirin Fish Games

Playing games in Fire Kirin is like going on a big adventure. Each game is different and exciting. Sometimes they’re a little scary, but mostly they’re a lot of fun. If you don’t like fish games, they also have other games where you can spin wheels and win prizes.

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